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Handcrafted Antler Chandeliers, Sconces & More

Our antler chandeliers, antler table and floor lamps, antler hanging lamps, antler sconces, and antler furniture are hand-crafted from the naturally shed antlers of white tail deer, mule deer, elk, and moose. All of our antler chandeliers and antler lamps are beautifully designed to produce a high quality and functional work of art that will increase in value over time.

Cripple Creek Antler Company invites you view our beautiful selection of custom designed antler lighting, antler accents and home furnishings. Antler lighting is one of the most eye-catching elements in a home's decor. Browse through our site to see samples of our quality antler products and then give us a call at 715-356-4024 or contact us for more information.

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Antler ChandelierAntler Decor of Uncompromising Quality & Craftsmanship

We're not a "middle man" simply selling someone else's antler products on-line. We are the craftsmen who will design and create each one of your antler pieces by hand. We're here to help you plan, develop and achieve the look you're after. From the smallest antler desk accessory to the largest antler chandelier, we put forth the effort to make sure you're satisfied. Quality begins by using only the best antlers and continues through each step of our process. To discuss your lighting needs and how our antler products can enhance your decor please give us a call at 715-356-4024.