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Lamp Shades for Antler Lighting

Rawhide lamp shades for antler lampsRawhide Lamp Shades

Rawhide shades are the most attractive shades on any antler lamp. They have a nice glow, and like your antler lighting fixture, each one is unique with different markings and characteristics! They're great on other types of rustic style lamps as well! Rawhide lamp shades will add a warm glow of any antler lighting fixture. Our genuine rawhide shades are hand crafted and a beauty to behold. Select from a variety of sizes to accent your antler chandelier, lamp or sconce.

Caring for Rawhide Lamp Shades

Rawhide lamp shades take a little extra care. Do not use a light bulb higher than recommended wattage with a rawhide lamp shade. Too much heat can damage and discolor the rawhide lamp shade and make it brittle and crack. We recommend a light "oiling" with a leather grade moisturizing product every couple of years. For less maintenance we also have simulated rawhide lamp shades. Call to discuss lighting and fixture options - 715-356-4024.